>Welcome to PINZBOHR

Our company was established in 1977 and since then we are fully dedicated to develop and produce PINZBOHR Boring System doing its marketing through a distribution direct and personal network covering Europe, South Africa, Western Hemisphere and United States, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Located in Montmeló, Barcelona (Spain), our facilities cover 2000 square meters fully equipped with the latest CNC machine series, conventional machines and measurement equipment to ensure the quality. In our warehouse we permanently stock a 100% of products in our catalog, providing our customers with a fast and efficient service in standard items, spare parts and accessories. To fully adapt to the needs of each user, we also produce special tools for less common applications such as reverse, external or large diameter boring.

More than 35 years of experience endorses us as a worldwide reference in boring applications. Our product design, quality and service led worldwide high technology leading industries to adopt PINZBOHR as their standard boring system.