>Modular Boring System

PINZBOHR modular boring system is composed basically of 3 different designs of boring heads and all its arbors and accessories. The whole of this system allows boring holes in a range that goes from 6 mm. up to 1020 mm.

PINZBOHR has 3 basic designs:

1. Rough boring head (fitting two cutting insert pockets)

2. Finish boring head (fitting one cutting insert pocket)

3. Micro boring head - for small diameters - (fitting indexable boring bars with cutting insert pocket)

All of these heads are radially adjustable to produce different bore diameters. Finish and Micro boring heads have a graduated precision dial readout to 0.002 mm. on diameter. Rough boring heads are twin radially adjustable by means of a spindle that moves synchronized and simultaneously the two slide blocks having the insert pockets.

PINZBOHR arbors are where the heads are mounted. These arbors are available in several executions to suit the most popular machine spindles: MAS BT 403, DIN 69871, DIN 2080, DIN 69893 (HSK), DIN 228 and DIN 1806 (Morse), DIN 1835 (Weldon), etc.

ExtensionAs accessories, PINZBOHR features reducers, extensions, coolant through extensions and an adaptor for the assembly of large boring heads.

As modular system, PINZBOHR features adaptors to match PINZBOHR arbors with standard face milling cutter holders, Weldon, Morse and adaptors for drill chucks (DIN 238) too.

Chamfering heads with 45º approach angle can be fitted on the PINZBOHR arbors and accessories and are axially positioned at the best convenience.

Indexable cartridges are mounted on Finish and Rough boring heads from size 68 up to 500 and feature several combinations for customer's choice like different insert geometries and different approach angles (75º, 90º and others). Cartridges also have an additional radial adjustment on the slide body.