>Macrobohr - Tools line

 Modular boring system

  • For large diameter rough, finish and reverse boring as well as outside diameter turning.
  • 8 aluminium plates allow a wide boring range that goes from Ø 220 mm. up to 1020 mm.
  • Arbors, boring heads and counterweight are fully interchangeable on all aluminium plates.

 For heavy roughing and precision finishing

  • Cartridges available among several standard insert geometries.
  • High precision adjustment through a graduated dial featuring a read out with accuracy of 0.002 mm. Ø in finishing.

 Lightweight tools line

  • High strength aluminium plates reduce the weight of the tool.

from Ø 220 mm. up to 1020 mm.


Macrobohr Precision Boring

Lightweight tools line for
large diameter boring