>Indexable Cartridges for boring heads sizes 68 and
85, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500

  • Cartridges available for different insert styles (CC.., CN.., TC.., TP.., WC.., etc).
  • 75º, 90º and other approach angles choices.
  • All cartridges have a socket set adjusting screw that allows the radial adjustment of the cartridge over the slide block. In rough boring heads (twin adjustable heads) this radial adjustment also allows setting the symmetrical position of the two cutting insert edges.
  • Available in pairs for symmetric or axial staggered insert set-up:

1 - Symmetric set-up

Both inserts cut on the same radial and axial plane. Radial stagger is possible by off-setting one cartridge.

2 - Staggered set-up

One of the two cartridges is 0.5 mm. wider. The insert in this cartridge cuts axially ahead of the other. By setting it radially closer to center it performs the roughing duty. The other cartridge with its insert set radially to full diameter performs the finishing duty.